Jamie and Sally’s story began on the 31st of July, 2010 when they were celebrating a mutual friends birthday at the Duke. Driving to this particular party, Sally recalls being so unbelievably excited and knew that something big was going to happen to her. From the moment Sally and Jamie were introduced, the connection was instant and they talked non-stop for the rest of the night. By the end of the night Jamie realised that he had to see this girl again. So, he quickly hatched up a plan to ensure he got himself that chance. He claimed that his watch was broken and asked politely if she could put it in her bag so he wouldn’t loose it, all the while hoping that she would forget it was there until she got home that night. The plan worked, and the following weekend Jamie picked up his watch and Sally and Jamie went on their first date. Awesome work Jamie!! :)


From there, their love blossomed and Jamie managed to pull of a total surprise proposal! One day Jamie and Sally were checking the cattle together. As Sally was cleaning out a trough, Jamie suddenly and nervously said "Hey Sally, do you think you want to marry me?" Sally quickly turned around to rolling her eyes thinking he was being silly and had the shock of her life when she saw he was holding a ring! 


Sally was so amazing when it came to planning her wedding, they had few little hiccups along the way and had to change every part of the wedding at least once! This includeed changing the venues, the celebrant, redoing invites, etc. Sally put it down to her indecisiveness but she has no regrets at all. Her biggest advice is if you aren’t happy with something and want to change it, just do it. A lot of people around her got a little frustrated but she said "as long as you and your partner are calm about your decisions: that is the most important thing. At the end of the day, it’s not hard at all to make the changes. Keep everything in perspective!".  In the end, I think their wedding was absolutely perfect for them and I’m so glad they trusted themselves. You couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces for the whole day. Sally and Jamie were super fun to hang out with and you could just tell they loved every minute of their special day and I loved capturing so many beautiful memories for them. 


Melanie xx

Ceremony | Adelaide Botanical Garden

Celebrant | Rebecca Wilson

Reception | Adelaide Oval

Cake Maker | Whisked

Hairdresser | Danika Maree Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist | Danika Maree Makeup Artist

DJ/Reception | Entertaining Events 

Dress Boutique |  Bridal on Pultney

Bridesmaid Dresses | Forever New

Florist | Daisy Lane Flowers

Cars | Baileys Limousines



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